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H: 1380mm, W: 700mm (bottom shelf) 400mm (top shelf)

Blue Ombre 4-Tier Whatnot

This lovely 4 level Whatnot painted in ombré style in shades of blue. A whatnot shelf is intended to display a variety of objects on, books, bottles in a bathroom, ornaments, photo’s etc. Just what you want.

The shades of blue reminded me of the sky, always there, always a different shade. It is unique and beautifully upcycled and restored and now sturdy and ready to beautify any space you chose to place it.

Whatnot, series of open shelves supported by two or four upright posts. The passion for collecting and displaying ornamental objects that began in the 18th century and was widespread in the 19th stimulated the production in England and the United States of this whimsically named piece of furniture.

R2,750 R2,200


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