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H:570mm, W:600mm, D:500, Seat Front: 400mm, Seat Back: 480mm

Tapestry Chair

Louis XV style armchair upholstered in hand embroidered French Tapestry in a teal blue fabric. The Floral embroidery pattern and classic woman in the Oval Portrait” framed within a larger vignette with the main purpose to establish the romantic Gothic mood in which the story occurs.  This chair could be used in your lounge, bedroom, dining room or entrance hall. It is an heirloom piece which will be coveted and admired by many. The wood has been sanded down and sealed and the detailed carvings in this chair and the colour of the natural wood is spectacular. This style of chair is also known as a Fauteuil style chair.

A fauteuil is a style of open armchair with a primarily exposed wooden frame originating in France during the early 17th century. A fauteuil is made of wood and frequently with carved relief ornament. It is typically upholstered on the seat, the seat back and on the arms (manchettes).

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