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L:1200mm, H:820mm, D:450mm

Tall Butlers Table

This style of table is believed to have originated in England in the mid-1700’s. In modern versions, sometimes the tray is fixed to the base.

The name suggests the history.  Imagine a butler delivering a tray topped with a tea service, the stand hooked on his arm, just in time for your afternoon cuppa. This one can be used as a sofa table too.  A living room can sometimes feel sectioned off, but a sofa table can act as a welcoming element to guests. Use the tabletop as display space for flowers, picture frames etc.

This stunning tall Butlers Table has been finished in a satin black, satin sealed and finished with touches of gold, in the groove and the 4 gold Fleur de Lis added in each corner of the table inside. It would work well as a little server in a dining room or indeed too as a Sofa Table. It can also be used in a large bedroom displaying picture frames, a beautiful mirror etc. It is practical, elegant and very glamorous in its simplistic elegance.

R3,350 R2,680


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