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H: 860mm (overall) 440mm (seat), D: 400mm (seat), W: 440mm (seat)

Pretty Pink Bustle Back Chairs

A popular Victorian style chair is the “bustle back,” which was open at the back to allow women to sit in while wearing a gown with a large bustle. Balloon back chairs were made mainly in the 19th century with lots of Victorian chair makers copying the design but adding their own individual decorations such as floral carvings or different styles of legs. Some would be simple turned legs whilst others would have French influences such as the elaborate cabriole leg. The earlier balloon back chair was built by hand and so are better quality usually with more solid quality timbers used like Mahogany or Rosewood.

These 2 Chairs have been beautifully upholstered, one in original tapestry floral design and the other in plain matching pink linen. They are bold, bright and oh so pretty and ideal wherever you wish to make a statement. They have been sanded down and wax sealed.

Price is per chair.

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