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H: 960mm, W: 490mm, D: 402mm

Inspirations de Nature cabinet

I loved the inlaid detail in this one-drawer, one-door little cabinet when I bought it. The rest was ok but bland. This has been transformed through the Antique Oxide Red colour.

The door has been sanded to bring back to life the exquisite inlaid flower pattern in green and yellow, and just look how beautiful that is now. The flower pattern on the front is not a stencil or painted it is actual wood inlay – a very old antique handcraft technique mostly from Italy or Eastern Europe.

I have paired it here with this Mahogany In-laid Chair upholstered in Montespant Inspiration de Nature fabric, matching the cabinet’s inspiration of nature pattern of its own.

Both the cabinet and the chair are superb examples of upcycled furniture that will not only last many more decades, but that will truly enhance your live-in experience.

R4,300 R3,440


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