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L:760mm, W:370mm, H:760mm

Flower scalloped half-moon console table

Console tables come to us from French furniture designs of the 18th century. Originally, they were small, half-moon shaped tables fastened to the wall at counter height with a “console”, which is a little curved bracket. Sometimes these special little tables had front legs to make it look like it was free-standing. Eventually, they did become free-standing, still with the half-moon shape. These little tables evolved to become as useful as they are decorative. There are a plenty of possibilities for the modern console table, living room, entrance hall, at the end of a corridor, in a dressing room, bathroom….the list is endless.

The top of this half-moon scalloped table has been intricately carved in a floral pattern. The antiquing now celebrates and accentuates this wonderfully. Finished in Antique White it is a table that will be desired & admired by many and cherished by the lucky owner.

R4,500 R3,600


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