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D:520mm, W:575mm, H:780mm

Carved Antique X-Chair

An X-chair (also scissors chair, Dante chair, Savonarola chair or Faldstool) is a chair with an X-shaped frame. It was known to have been used in Ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece.

The use of the name Savonarola chair comes from a nineteenth-century trade term evoking Girolamo Savonarola, which is a folding armchair of the type standardised during the Italian Renaissance.

The carving of this antique Savonarola or Dantesca Armchair is just magnificent. I left the leather seat intact to preserve its authenticity and painted it in this “Spanish Moss” colour. It is rich, dramatic, very comfortable and will be beautiful in an entrance hall, living room or behind a desk. It is without doubt a feature piece.



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