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D:585mm, W:1670mm, H:2125mm

3-panel Mirrored Armoire

An armoire (pronounced ärm-ˈwär) is a tall, freestanding cabinet with doors that conceal shelves, hanging space and drawers. This piece of furniture in its present form was devised by the French in the 17th century, and the name might have come from the Latin word “armorium,” which was a chest for storing armor. Armoires also became part of the evolving home office. Their generous proportions and ample storage space helped hide away computers, monitors and files when not in use, making home offices relatively clutter-free and oh so beautiful.

Armoires have been used to provide decorative accents or focal points in rooms. Its very size makes an armoire hard to miss and depending on its colour and style; can give any room character. You can buy them for that reason alone, and all the extra storage space is a bonus.

This late Victorian Gentleman’s Armoire in solid oak has the breakfront three doors, with central full-length mirror. The Rounded edges and bottom drawer complete the look. It has been stunningly repainted in French White. It will enhance any bedroom and equally well can be used in a lounge dining room or study. Should you wish to use in the dining room or lounge please let me know as we can fit shelves for you. This Armoire is extremely reasonable priced, and you will not find one of this quality and beauty for this price.

R15,000 R12,000


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