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The sideboard is really the precursor to modern-day kitchen cabinets. It’s long and waist high, with a surface for placing food on top, cabinets below and short legs — or no legs at all.

Over time it became more important as a place for displaying prized possessions on. Servers tend to be smaller, more formal, and lighter in scale than sideboards. They may have drawers and an open bottom on taller legs, or they may have cabinets, similar to a sideboard. The term “server” comes from the fact that the people serving the food in a formal dining room or restaurant are called servers, and the server is a place where those serving the food can place the serving dishes.

Get the full look – I think that servers & sideboards should be paired with beautiful backdrop mirrors and have sidelamps and antique candlesticks on them, to enhance any dining area. The perfect combination then is, one of these beautifully restored sideboards + mirror + candlesticks + lamp + antique centre piece will transform any dining area into a chic and beautifully curated room.
All of which you will find at Second Chances Décor.

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