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When I read décor advise from seasoned Interior Decorators the following point stood out to me: “It’s a mistake to include pieces that are not compelling in some way.” — Angela Free
The chairs you find on Second Chances Décor will be unique, compelling and ideal to mix up with and stray from the norm to create your own vintage look. Occasional chairs are versatile pieces that can fulfil its purpose, seating or be the perfect accent. piece There are a multitude of places to use chairs, such as behind a piano, in front of your dressing table, placed on both sides of a server to create an elegant dining space, kitchen and dining table, study, living rooms, outside and don’t forget to rest your feet on. Wingback chairs are highly practical and a stylish addition to your desk as they are so comfortable to work from, formal living rooms or the bedroom. The wingback chair is a classic and can be used in so many ways around your home. You will find all of these at Second Chances Décor.

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