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Customised Restored Furniture & Decor

Second Chances Décor was born from a number of my passions, I believe in living sustainably, recycling, reusing and where possible re-purposing. I also love beautiful decor.

At Second Chances Décor we specialise in revamping old unloved and unwanted furniture & décor items into customised restored furniture that will beautify and serve at least one more generation’s home or even office.  The furniture we select already have latent beauty, through upcycling processes its beauty and functionality is enhanced.

Our Décor items include candle sticks, lamps and mirrors. Our lamps are all rewired, candle sticks are either painted or cleaned and beautifully restored to not only serve a purpose in load shedding but to add those finishing touches to any room you choose to have them in.

No room is complete without a mirror and here you will find resplendent ones.

Our Team of Artisans

Our Furniture & Decor items are all hand-selected by me, and then I work with a team of the most talented paint technique and furniture restorer specialists and another team of upholsterers to create customised restored furniture.  Together we give these beautiful pieces a “Second Chance”.

Our furniture restoration team is based in Hermanus, Western Cape. Our team does not use Chalk Paint, at all – ever. All products are sanded, repaired if necessary, repainted, rewired, re-upholstered and ultimately the product that you covet and buy will be able to serve you and your loved ones for decades to come. You will acquire high-quality beautiful customised restored furniture items that will enhance your living space and you will not have contributed to deforestation ( and will have acquired these customised restored furniture items at a reasonable and competitive price, knowing that no additional harm was done to the environment and jobs were created in South Africa. That makes us smile. We hope it does you too.

Our Craft items are all hand made in South Africa.  I have been in awe of the talent of people who are able to create beautiful décor or functional décor items by hand, and I am delighted to be able to offer these wonderful items here.

Our Scatter Cushions are handmade by a talented seamstress here in the Western Cape using beautiful fabrics. 

Pricing & Resale

What our artisans do takes time, experience, electricity – when its available, & we only use quality materials. We keep our margins low because we would love for you to own one of our quality pieces.  Please respect what we do, just as a quality retailer offers sales – we do from time to time too. Our listed prices are our asking prices.  Transport costs are high, this is a factor of high fuel costs. You are welcome to pay the transporters directly. We add no margin to their prices. We wrap your items for safe transporting and there is a cost to that.

Yes, our furniture items have a lived a life before they get to your home. We certainly do not think of them as Second Hand. They are beautiful quality mostly solid wood pieces of furniture which have been painstakingly transformed and beautified by us.

We do not trade in Second Hand Furniture, please don’t ask us to sell your furniture for you, that is not what we do.

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